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Complete list of "Rizzoli & Isles" season 2 spoilers!

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Absolutely Angie presents to you a concise yet comprehensive list of "Rizzoli & Isles" season 2 spoilers, organized by episode with a list of new characters beneath. All spoilers were compiled using information from "Entertainment Weekly,", TVLine, TV Guide, Rizzles Girls, Rocket News, E!Online, SpoilerTV, The Hollywood Reporter, TNT previews, and various members of the "Rizzoli & Isles" cast and crew.

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Episode 15: "Burning Down the House"
Airs: December 26

This episode is the season 2 finale. Maura's mother (Jacqueline Bisset, "Bullitt") and FBI Agent Gabriel Dean (Billy Burke, "Twilight") both reappear, and Peter Bogdanovich guest stars.

Jane and Maura investigate a warehouse fire, hoping to determine whether it was arson or an accident. However, a hit-and-run that leaves someone in the hospital derails the investigation.

Dean shows up unexpectedly to rekindle his relationship with Jane. He gets to see all her scars, but the case interrupts their time together. Jane wears a dress, and there's a scene in her bedroom.

Filmed on location at Northridge Hospital in Northridge, CA.

Oh, and there's a pretty intense shootout.

Episode 14: "Don't Stop Dancing, Girl"
Airs: December 19

The mother of a star dancer is stabbed backstage at a recital, and Yvonne Smith (Lisa LoCicero, "General Hospital"), the mother of another competitor, is one of the main suspects.

Meanwhile, Korsak has his hands full with family troubles as he tries to deal with ex-wife Melody (Lolita Davidovich) and his step-son, who is accused of shooting a police officer.

Matt L. Fahey and Mykelti "Bubba" Williamson also guest star.

Shot on location at the high-end Ebell Club in the Hancock Park area of Los Angeles.

Episode 13: "Seventeen Ain't So Sweet"
Airs: December 12

Jane wears a little black dress to her high school reunion, and she and Maura - or "Geek," as Maura's reunion nametag says - don tennis attire as well. Jane has to look at her old classmates in a new light after a murder is discovered on the football field.

Korsak must also deal with a figure from his past when his ex-wife, Melody Patterson (Lolita Davidovich), shows up with a business proposal. Two guest characters viewers will recognize also make an appearance in this episode - Sgt. Major Casey Jones (Chris Vance) and Giovanni the mechanic (Matthew del Negro).

Shot on location at 516 S. Rimpau Blvd. in the Greater Mid-Wilshire/Hancock Park area of Los Angeles and Marshall High School in Los Feliz. Erin Daniels ("The L Word") also makes an appearance.

Episode 12: "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother"
Airs: December 5

The homicide unit collaborates with the FBI after a bank manager is shot during a robbery.

We learn more about Frost's past when FBI Agent Anna Farrell (Tessa Thompson) shows up, and the detective also shoots someone this episode. Meanwhile, Tommy Rizzoli (Colin Egglesfield) and Maura's relationship develops.

Shot on location at the shopping center on the southwest corner of Hawthorne and Lomita Blvds. in Torrance, CA.

Episode 11: "Can I Get A Witness?"
Airs: November 28

After a community activist is gunned down, a witness comes forward to testify against an infamous gang member who is believed to have murdered 15 people. As Jane and the rest of the unit work the case, Bill O'Reilly comes to town for a book signing and criticizes the BPD on-air.

Bill O'Reilly, Cassy Stambach and Brian Houtz guest star. Roselyn Sanchez ("Without A Trace") guest stars as A.D.A. Valerie Hudson.

Episode 10: "Remember Me"
Airs: September 12

Jane's old nemesis Hoyt returns - but this time, he has cancer. Hoyt claims to have clues about the murder of a man killed in a jail bathroom on the eve of his release. Somewhere along the line, Jane sustains a minor head injury and a car is pulled out of a lake.

Additionally, Frankie is finally ready to take the detective’s exam.

Shot on location at the Los Angeles Sybil Brand Women's Jail and the Disney Ranch.

Episode 9: "Gone Daddy Gone"
Airs: September 5

Maura calls in an assistant medical examiner, Dr. Pike (Ed Begley, Jr., "St. Elsewhere"), from Western Massachusetts to help her with the case of a murder on the docks. After the young, female dockworker’s body is discovered, the team learns that the dock has connections to the Irish mob – and potentially Maura’s biological father. Maura butts heads with Pike, who is egotistical, officious, and anal-retentive. He thinks he should have Maura's job, and quickly makes himself at home.

In other news, Jane does her best to avoid sensitivity training.

Andy Garcia ("The Godfather: Part III") and Gwen McGee also guest star, and Colin Egglesfield reprises his role as Jane's brother, Tommy - who begins to spend time with Maura, much to Jane’s dismay. Shot on location at the Port of Los Angeles. A song by country music duo DC & Julia is featured.

Episode 8: "My Own Worst Enemy"
Airs: August 29

The team investigates the death of a man who was shot in what appears to have been a mugging gone wrong, and ends up delving into his family history.

Angela walks in on Maura with a new love interest who is actually someone from her past. The mysterious man’s reappearance causes a rift between Maura and Jane. Additionally, Jane asks Maura to perform surgery on her, and Rondo makes a comeback. Arden Cho guest stars.

Episode 7: "Bloodlines"
Airs: August 22

The team investigates a case with ties to Salem, Massachusetts - also known as the Witch City. All manner of strange creatures make an appearance, including witches, warlocks and ghosts.

Shot on location at Golden Oak Ranch in Canyon Country and Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles. Aimee L. Chadwick and Christian Cage guest star.

On the personal front, the love of Frankie's life (Marika Dominczyk, "The 40-Year-Old Virgin") - who is also Jane's nemesis - returns to Boston with a child in tow (actor Jordan Bridges' actual daughter). Jane and Angela treat her with hostility, and there will be an explosive family dinner scene.

Episode 6: "Rebel Without A Pause"
Airs: August 15

The team - along with guest star Richard Thomas ("The Waltons") - looks into the murder of a man who had been taking part in a local Revolutionary War re-enactment. As part of their investigation, they end up wearing some interesting outfits.

Shot on location at a park, high school and private home near Foothill Blvd. and Maryland Ave. in the La Crescenta-Glendale area. Some scenes were shot outside on the Paramount Lot's Chicago St., and there'll be one scene in particular outside the Dirty Robber.

Additionally, Maura's impeccably styled art historian mother, Constance Isles (Jacqueline Bisset, "Bullitt"), will be introduced in this episode, and a girl with a trashy hairstyle will make an appearance. Maura and Angela (Rizzoli, not Harmon) will also be baking croissants together.

The song "Oak Tree" by James Dunn will be featured.

Episode 5: "Don't Hate the Player"
Airs: August 8

Shot on location at the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, this episode involves the investigation of the death of the coach for the Boston Pilgrims baseball team that is initially presumed to be accidental.

Tommy Rizzoli (Colin Egglesfield, "All My Children") will make his first appearance in this episode, which will also feature a baseball star named Manny "Mega" Vega (Adrian Bellani, "Passions") who had been at odds with the coach. Mel Fair will play a baseball pundit, Elaine Hendrix ("The Parent Trap") will play the owner of the team, and Jim O'Heir ("Parks & Recreation") and Marcus Brown will also have guest roles.

Jane will be wearing a very short, very pink dress at some point, and Jo Friday will make an appearance, as will several other dogs - all of whom Tommy somehow ends up walking. Additionally, Tommy ends up crashing on Maura's couch for a while, and makes a connection with her that may turn out to be more than just platonic...

Episode 4: "Brown Eyed Girl"
Airs: August 1

Jane and her colleagues investigate the death of one girl and the disappearance of another, who happens to be the daughter of an undercover cop - a former colleague of Jane's from her days in the Drug Control Unit. Surprisingly, one of Jane's mother's famous theories actually ends up helping to solve the case. The child molester who kidnapped the cop's daughter is shot multiple times by Jane, and the girl is found hidden in a closet, but whether she lives to tell her tale remains to be seen.

Shot on location at a park and private residence in Sunland-Tujunga. Annie Wersching ("24") and Jadin Gould guest star.

Episode 3: "Sailor Man"
Airs: July 25

Det. Frost's father (Ernie Hudson, "Ghostbusters"), who is an admiral in the navy, is introduced after one of his men is accused of committing rape homicide. Admiral Frost is determined to prove the officer's innocence, and there's friction between him and his son.

Frankie appears in this episode, there's a scene in an alley, Korsak does something that required Bruce McGill to have a stunt double, Jane chases down a perp, someone says "Cute" and "Don't call me ma'am" at some point, and the ending is apparently funny. Yup.

On the non-work-related side, a hunky, 30-something-year-old mechanic named Giovanni (Matthew Del Negro, "United States of Tara") displays an interest in Jane. When she doesn't reciprocate, he switches his attention to Maura, who is more receptive. The only problem is that he's holding out on fixing Jane's car for as long as Maura holds out on sleeping with him.

Maura eventually gets out of the situation by claiming she's in a lesbian relationship...

...with Jane.

In other news, Jane's mother gets a job as a chef for the Boston Police Department's Division One Café, and Jane is less than happy about watching her mom take orders from her creepy boss.

Erik Aude and Cristen Irene guest star.

Episode 2: "Living Proof"
Airs: July 18

Maura and Jane go to a spa for some well-earned relaxation, and end up helping to deliver a baby while they're there. The baby's surrogate mother is found stabbed in the woods behind the spa but dies before they learn her identity, and the case gets Maura and Jane thinking about whether they want to be mothers. Maura in particular bonds with the baby, and relates the concepts of biological and surrogate parents to her own adoptive history.

Shot on location at Calamigos Ranch - a wedding/reception venue in Malibu - and St. Luke's Hospital in Pasadena. A female character will be wearing a dark gray dress, and her hair will be a coppery golden red.

Additionally, Jane delivers the line, "Do you find that sexy in a woman? Robust reproductive organs?"

Episode 1: "We Don't Need Another Hero"
Airs: July 11

Set 12 weeks after the season one finale. Flashbacks will be incorporated to fill in what happened after the shooting. Jane survived (shocker) as did Frankie. You can read the first few pages of the script HERE.

Jane wants her trauma surgeon, Byron Slucky (Larry Poindexter, "The Hard Times of RJ Berger"), to clear her for active duty, but Maura - who has developed chemistry with Slucky - picks up on the fact that something is getting in the way of Jane's recovery and tells Jane "You are my business." Jane's still in pain, which Maura thinks is psychosomatic. Jane asks, "What do you do when fear is killing you?" There's Rizzles drama when Jane shows up to Maura's house only to discover that Slucky spent the night. ...That's pretty sucky.

In other news, Jane gets an award (Maura tells her "Heroes are actually social deviants!") and meets a "real" hero at the ceremony - a woman who was shot during combat in Afghanistan. The soldier becomes the subject of a homicide investigation when her car gets blown up.

On a personal note, an old high school friend of Jane's named Charles "Casey" Jones (Chris Vance, "Mental") attends the ceremony and reconnects with her. Casey is a sergeant major who takes an absence from his tour of duty in Afghanistan and ends up staying in Boston to help with the investigation.

Additionally, Maura runs in heels, Bass makes an appearance, and Jane's parents announce that they're getting a divorce.

New characters

Constance Isles - Maura's art historian mother, played by Jacqueline Bisset of "Bullitt" fame. (You may know her from "Law & Order: SVU" episode 5x9, "Control.") Constance makes her debut in episode 6.

Ian - Although he works in the Third World, this ruggedly handsome doctor is all about his passionate affair with Maura when he's in the U.S. Ian makes his first appearance in episode 8, and together, he and Maura attempt to hide a secret from Jane.

Officer Sam Reynolds - He'll be manning the reception desk at the BPD.

Sgt. Major Charles "Casey" Jones - An old friend of Jane's, Casey is the strong, silent type. He becomes a romantic prospect for her after appearing in the first episode, and Jane's mother discovers them together "the morning after." He will be played by Chris Vance of "Prison Break" and "Mental" fame.

Tommy Rizzoli - Jane and Frankie's ex-con brother, whose arrival the Rizzoli family was preparing for at the end of season one. He is welcomed back into the fold by Mama Rizzoli, but his siblings treat him with a lot more suspicion. Maura lets him sleep on her couch, which she ends up regretting when she finds her apartment ransacked and Tommy nowhere to be found. He will be played by Colin Egglesfield of "All My Children" fame, and makes his first appearance in episode 5.
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