Thursday, March 17, 2011

How many episodes will there be of R&I season 2?

Originally posted on March 14:

The TNT press release indicates that there will be "10 summer episodes" of R&I this season, but Sasha has since tweeted HERE and HERE (edit: and HERE and HERE), as did Angie HERE that there will be 15.

It appears that either the press release is inaccurate or Angie and Sasha were misinformed. Another theory, based on the "summer episodes" wording, came out of the fact that if R&I is shown every Monday from July 11 onward the season will finish on October 17th. Many fall shows begin in mid-to-late Sept., so the theory is that TNT may be referring to 10 of the episodes as "summer episodes" and the remaining five as "fall episodes." Watch this space.


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