Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Press release, video & photos: Angie Harmon visits Nicaragua!

Via PR Newswire:

Actress and UNICEF Ambassador Angie Harmon just returned from a visit to Nicaragua, where she traveled to bring attention to the horrors of child trafficking within the Central American country and across the globe. During her trip Harmon witnessed UNICEF programs to protect children from violence, exploitation and abuse and spoke with adolescent girls and boys about their experiences.

"In Nicaragua I met adolescents who have lived through some of the most horrific circumstances imaginable, including two 11-year-old girls who were sexually exploited," said UNICEF Ambassador Angie Harmon. "But I didn't see victims, I saw survivors. I was awed by their strength and by their desire to help not only themselves, but also their peers."

Check out the full release, which includes video and pictures!

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