Friday, November 8, 2013

"Rizzoli & Isles" season 4 tidbits archive post!

The cast and crew of "Rizzoli & Isles" began shooting season 4 on January 28. This post, much like last year's, was updated on a daily basis to reflect new tweets (plus photos and other tidbits) from the set. Follow the Absolutely Angie R&I Twitter list to keep up with the cast and crew during the hiatus, and come back next year for the season 5 tidbits archive post! "Rizzoli & Isles" spoilers and episode summaries for season 4 can be found HERE!

November 8
1. Janet Tamaro: Okay, NOW we're done with S4. THANK YOU, R&I Post! I love not only your work ethic but your WORK. :-)

November 7
2. Sasha Alexander: Last season 4 looping session! Am I allowed to eat all of these?!

1. Angie Harmon: Last looping of season 4 #RizzoliandIsles RAW PURE talent! @Lorraine_Bracco @SashaAlexander1 @Jordan_Bridges @sharonlawrence #brucemcgill

October 30
1. Janet Tamaro, exiting showrunner: Did I say we were done with S4? JK. ("Done" is a relative term in TV. Still tweaking in a Spotting Session.)

October 28
1. Janet Tamaro, exiting showrunner: And just like that...Season 4 is locked :-) This one and 3 more new R&I episodes coming to you Jan. '14.

September 6
5. Angie Harmon: The end
Miss you, my friend

4. Janet Tamaro, showrunner: G'night to Season 4.
3. Sasha Alexander: It's a wrap!!! #rizzoliandisles #season4

2. Nicki Schultz: Last day of shooting for Season 4 on #RizzoliAndIses! Congrats to all my peeps on the year, you all rock!
1. Angie Harmon: Congrats to cast & crew. Through broken ankles, broken backs & broken hearts. We made it.
Last day of R&I season 4.

September 5
5. Janet Tamaro, showrunner: One more day of filming. Two months of Post. THEN hibernation.
4. Janet Tamaro, showrunner: One more day of filming. If I was a bear, I'd hibernate.
3. Norman Buckley, director: Just finished my last scene with Bruce McGill, @Jordan_Bridges, and @Angie_Harmon on #RizzoliAndIsles. Love these guys! Thanks for all and I look forward to seeing you next season!

2. Norman Buckley, director: Photo: Finished my last scene with @sashaalexander1 on #RizzoliAndIsles. Thanks Sasha!

1. Norman Buckley, director: Stage 2 at Paramount, where #RearWindow was shot.

September 4
3. Norman Buckley, director: Tomorrow is last day of shooting on #RizzoliAndIsles finale. Fly to NY late tomorrow night and begin prep on #TheCarrieDiaries on Friday!
2. Norman Buckley, director: Today in LA.

1. Norman Buckley, director: Our location today on #RizzoliAndIsles. I’m told when this building was built it was the tallest building in LA. Ronald Reagan lived in the penthouse when he was president of SAG in the late 40’s.

September 3
4. Colin Egglesfield: The legend @Joseph_Torre on the set of #rizzoliandisles #nyyankees #ladodgers

3. Laura Owen, Angie Harmon's double: We ❤ our cast and crew! #RizzoliandIsles wrap gift from the Stand Ins :)) @lenkasvo @jsimba15 #danabunch #babsevans #stephenjackson

2. Nicki Schultz: Last week of shooting R&I this week...then that's a wrap on Season 4! Woohoo!
1. OLV: FYI: For those who have asked, Rizzoli & Isles is at Paramount Studios today

August 31
1. Norman Buckley: The end of a hard but very good week with @Angie_Harmon and @SashaAlexander1 on #RizzoliAndIsles. Love these ladies and this crew!

August 30
6. Norman Buckley, director: It's midnight and it's hot and sticky. And we have miles to go before I sleep.
5. Norman Buckley, director: #RizzoliAndIsles night shoot. Sasha with producing director Michael Katleman.

4. Norman Buckley, director: Night shoot on #RizzoliAndIsles.

3. Angie Harmon: Rehearsing 1st crime scene w/out him...
Letting us know he's here
(Credit: Anthony Hardwick, DP)

2. Norman Buckley, director: California sunsets are hard to beat.

1. OLV: Rizzoli & Isles is filming around Hidden Lake and Fallbrook Ave in Canoga Park, CA again today

August 28
2. OLV: Rizzoli & Isles is filming around Hidden Lake and Fallbrook Ave in Canoga Park, CA tomorrow
1. A note about Eric Winter (B.T. Sarron in episode 4x10), via Soap Opera Digest:

Eric Winter (ex-Rex, DAYS) appeared on TNT's RIZZOLI & ISLES last night, and the actor, who is filming Lifetime's upcoming series, THE WITCHES OF EAST END, would love to return. "Hopefully I can come back next season," Winter says. "They had to stop my recurring [role] this season because I booked [WITCHES]. I was supposed to be in the last two, including the season finale, and then I got this gig so they reshaped the story. I don’t know what they reshaped, but we have talked and ideally I’ll be back about next season." Winter enjoyed working with Sasha Alexander (Maura Isles). "I came on as a bomb technician who sparks a quirky, flirty relationship with Maura. We hit it off over a case. It’s a fun dynamic, not in the obvious right-off-the-bat attraction, but it’s on a deeper, funny level that we start to say, 'Hey, this could be interesting.' " Tune into TNT for repeats of the episode this week. WITCHES OF EAST END premieres October 6.

August 27
4. Tina Huang, actress: Solving crimes with the prop help of Paul Baker

3. Sasha Alexander: Thank you everyone for your support and kind words this past week. It helped me a great deal.
2. Norman Buckley, director: Today on the #RizzoliAndIsles set: the lovely @SashaAlexander1.

1. Norman Buckley, director: I’ve walked by this dummy four times today and it startles me every time.

August 26
3. Norman Buckley, director: Twilight at Paramount

2. Jessica Brooks Photo: Shooting last episode on Rizzoli & Isles
1. Norman Buckley, director: Photo: Back at work this morning. #RizzoliAndIsles

August 19

Production on TNT’s hit drama Rizzoli & Isles has been shut down in light of the sudden passing of co-star Lee Thompson Young, whose body was discovered in his apartment after he failed to show up for work this morning. The producers of the series, in which Thompson played star Angie Harmon’s partner on the force, are currently evaluating whether to resume production tomorrow or go on hiatus while the cast and crew cope with Young’s death and writers figure out how to write off his character.

Here is TNT, Rizzoli & Isles‘ studio Warner Bros TV and executive producer Janet Tamaro’s statement today on Young’s death: “Everyone at Rizzoli & Isles is devastated by the news of the passing of Lee Thompson Young. We are beyond heartbroken at the loss of this sweet, gentle, good-hearted, intelligent man. He was truly a member of our family. Lee will be cherished and remembered by all who knew and loved him, both on- and offscreen, for his positive energy, infectious smile and soulful grace. We send our deepest condolences and thoughts to his family, to his friends and, most especially, to his beloved mother.”

August 16
1. Lenka Svobodova, actress: There's just a wee bit of movement in today's scene @reallauraowen #rizzoliandisles @ Paramount Studios

August 14
2. Lenka Svobodova, actress: Our DP hitching a ride to set

1. Jessica Brooks Photo: Having a blast shooting for Rizzoli & Isles today!

August 13
2. Sufe Bradshaw, actress: On set of Rizzoli & Isles

1. b4thetrailer: Rizzoli and Isles is filming from 4am til 11pm at 114 S Central Ave in Los Angeles on wed

August 12
7. Lenka Svobodova, actress: Happy Birthday Angie Harmon :) #rizzoli&isles #makingwishes #birthday #angieharmon @ Paramount Studios

6. OLV: Rizzoli & Isles is filming at 100 S Central Ave (4:00 AM - 10:00 PM) and 114 S Central Ave, Los Angeles (4:00 AM - 11:00 PM) tomorrow
5. Norman Buckley, director: I'm excited to be back at #RizzoliAndIsles for their season finale. Prepping this week and begin shooting next.
4. Laura Owen, Angie Harmon's double: Behind the monitors :) isurfsmallwaves @ Paramount Studios

3. Laura Owen, Angie Harmon's double: #director #stephenclancy and DP/director isurfsmallwaves doing their thang :) @ Paramount Studios

2. Sasha Alexander: Who's behind the masks?!? #rizzoliandisles #breakinggood @TinaHuang
(Click HERE for the image!)
1. Tina Huang, actress: Back at work!

August 9
1. Go for Location: 'RIZZOLI AND ISLES' filming all next week at a downtown intersection & adjoining street exteriors with gunfire Ep415

August 2
3. Matthew Del Negro, actor: #Giovanni ADR today. Can't wait 2 see it.

2. Sasha Alexander: After a long day in a foxhole with @Jordan_Bridges ! @RizzoliIslesTNT #mynosestillitches.

1. Norman Buckley, director: Next up for me: #RizzoliAndIsles season finale! I begin prep end of next week!

August 1
3. Angie Harmon: It's an HONOR 2 live my dream w/ these AMAZING ACTORS! THIS FAMILY IS AMAZING! (U 2 sash!) #blessed

2. Laura Owen, Angie Harmon's double: #Director #SteveClancy expressing his artistic vision ;). @ Paramount Studios

1. Laura Owen, Angie Harmon's double: So excited to have my girl @sufebradshaw on #rizzoliandisles!!! Welcome to my hood ;). Hehe

July 31
3. Jessica Crocker: today @chazzpalminteri & @Lorraine_Bracco shared amazing personal #FrankSinatra stories in make-up trailer. So special and unforgettable.
2. Jessica Crocker: #makeup with a little extra bump.... #babybump #working mama @Lorraine_Bracco @momo71

1. Justice & Ponder: YAY! @TinaHuang returns for episode #415 of #RizzoliAndIsles as "Susie Chang!" Deal closed is closed!

July 30
1. Colin Egglesfield: Shooting with my amazing tv dad chazzpalminteri today.

July 25
2. J.B.: Do I look official? How do you feel about a man in uniform? On the set of "Rizzoli & Isles."

1. Vicente Luna: Some pics from yesterday's "Rizzoli and Isles" episode 14 shoot.

July 24
2. Tanner Novlan, actor: Nice #shiner @RizzoliIslesTNT

1. Tanner Novlan, actor: On the #ParamountLot shooting for @RizzoliIslesTNT #iconictower

July 22
3. John Rosenfeld Studios: Congratulations to Tanner Novlan for booking a Guest Star on RIZZOLI & ISLES!
2. Tina Huang, actress: Guess who I am today?

1. Angie Harmon: (Sigh) This job is so hard

July 19
1. Taylor Martin: Got to hang out with some super cool peeps on set at #Rizzoli&Isles #crime #drama #paramount #tv #UTLA

July 16
1. Jessica Crocker: Rediscovered my stonewashed nude @bobbibrown #eyeshadow palette on @RizzoliIslesTNT

July 15
5. OLV: Rizzoli & Isles is filming around Stoney Dr and Lohman Ln in S Pasadena Ca tomorrow
4. Nicki Schultz: Today we filmed in a super creepy mansion. Was cool, but totally haunted…the people that live there won't even go in one side of the house!
3. Angie Harmon: Anyone for some swimming? #rizzoliandisles @JaneRizzoli #builtin1902

2. David Blue, actor: Shot some #RizzoliandIsles last week. I'm happy to announce that @Angie_Harmon is as cool (and beautiful) as you'd think.
1. Jessica Brooks Photo: Back in town & shooting for Rizzoli & Isles today ;)

July 14
1. OLV: Rizzoli & Isles is filming around Stoney Dr and Lohman Ln in S Pasadena,CA tomorrow

July 12
2. Beal Talent & Associates: Congrats to our client, Sky Soleil, who booked a Guest Star role on TNT's RIZZOLI & ISLES. Thank you to Casting Director, Gary Zuckerbrod and Casting Associate, Kamala Thomas.
1. OLV: FYI: Rizzoli & Isles is filming at Paramount Studio in L.A. today

July 10
2. Laura Owen, Angie Harmon's double: Hair all done :) Doubling time! @ Paramount Studios

1. Laura Owen, Angie Harmon's double: Getting ready for some possible doubling @ Paramount Studios

July 9
1. Angie Harmon: Just another walk in the park...

July 8
3. OLV: #RizzoliandIsles filming in Griffith Park tomorrow, around Cadman Dr and Crystal Springs Dr L.A.
2. Jessica Crocker: Today on #rizzoliandisles I used @DuWopCosmetics private nude lipstick on @KrugerKelly, beautiful!

1. Jessica Brooks Photo: Love my job: shooting for Rizzoli & Isles today @ Paramount Studios

July 5
2. Ricky Ryba, actor: Just wrapped shooting on set of @RizzoliIslesTNT and saw @Angie_Harmon She's even prettier in person! Really friendly cast/crew too.
1. Celia Finkelstein, actress: The cast and crew of Rizzoli and Isles are ridiculously good, fun people.

July 2
1. Janet Tamaro: BTS for aspiring writer/producer types: just "finished" writing 413 ("finished" is a relative term. I stop "tweaking" right before air...)

June 26
1. OLV: FYI: Rizzoli & Isles is in studio today at Paramount in L.A.

June 18
1. Colin Egglesfield: Twinsies #tuesdaygreysweaterday at #Rizzoli&Isles love @sashaalexander1

June 17
2. Sasha Alexander: Shigella dysentry, staphylococci aureus. Clostridium perfringens, legionella. Oh just some dialogue for tomorrow's work. No biggie.
1. Yarett Harper, actor: on the #paramountpictures lot at the #watertowercafe playing a #detective on #rizzoliandisles for #TNT

June 14
2. Jessica Crocker: #dougsavant guest star on #rizzoli- he was the best! @ Riverfront Studios

1. Jessica Brooks Photo: Working hard on the set of Rizzoli & Isles

June 13
1. Jessica Brooks Photo: Shooting for Rizzoli & Isles on location today

June 12
3. Jennifer Jones (actor Celestin Cornielle's wife): Celestin Cornielle on set of his latest project, Rizzoli & Isles. This is the 3rd time he works with Angie Harmon and the word from the grape vine is the he will be recurring...shh you didn't hear it from us :p

2. Celestin Cornielle, actor: #filming #rizzoliandisles with #angieharmon #brucemcgill #instapic #picofday #actor #losangeles #fun

1. Celestin Cornielle, actor, who will be playing Det. Miguel Ortiz: #filming #rizzoli&Isles with the #beautiful #angieharmon & the #homie #amaurynolasco #lovemylife

June 11
1. Eric Winter, actor: 2 of the best women in the business!Thank you @SashaAlexander1 & @Angie_Harmon for the warm welcome!

June 7
3. Matthew Del Negro, actor: #rizzoli&isles set. 230 Fri pm/Sat am. @Angie_Harmon & @SashaAlexander1 r home sleeping #wrapped

2. Gina Rodriguez, actress: #RizzoliandIsles set with the bad Bruce. He is truly such a giving actor. #lovelymoments #setlife #stillpregnantbelow

1. Amaury Nolasco, actor: Yep, I'm that lucky! I get to work with her. angieharmon #rizzoli #and #isles #happy #friday

June 6
4. Janet Tamaro, showrunner: Tomorrow: note 408. Fix 407 cut. Work on 411, 412, 413, 414. Complain. Go to bathroom. WRITE. Order lunch. Let it get cold. Complain. Whhhyy
3. Gina Rodriguez, actress: Playing preggers on a tv show = best birth control ever! On the set of Rizzoli and Isles! #setlife #canigetapickle #maybepeanutbutter

2. Jessica Brooks Photo: Day 2 shooting for Rizzoli & Isles this week
1. Lina Hanson, makeup artist: Loved working with @Angie_Harmon what beautiful woman inside and out! #ilovemyjob

June 5
8. Sthanlee B. Mirador: Congrats to FilAm Actor @MichaelmGalante who booked a guest starring spot in TNT's Rizzoli and Isles w/Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander.
7. Mark Bautista: On set Waiting to touch up! Here in downtown LA

6. Mark Bautista, Angie Harmon's personal makeup artist: Here's big Scotty dusting out the camera on the set R&I

5. Angie Harmon: Some week, coming up on #rizzoliandisles
(Click HERE for the image!)
4. Matthew Del Negro: @Angie_Harmon you're making me blush! Damn, you've got some Twitter-power! #janerizzoli FYI, people, she is even funnier behind the camera.
3. Angie Harmon: I know! @MatthewDelNegro 's #Giovanni is so awesome! He's a fantastic actor/goofball! #hysterical #lovemyjob #RizzoliandIsles
2. Matthew Del Negro, actor: On location with the great @Angie_Harmon on #Rizzoli&Isles #giovanni #janerizzoli

1. Jessica Brooks Photo: Shooting today & tomorrow for Rizzoli & Isles :)

June 4
2. Eric Winter, actor: Great first day on Rizzoli and Isles with my boy @amaury_nolasco ...a lot of fun. Excited to be working on the show!

1. Amaury Nolasco, actor: Back at work ! #rizzoli #and #isles #lovemyjob

May 31
2. Emily Swallow: Back to work at @tntweknowdrama ! Gonna start work on an episode of @RizzoliIslesTNT on Monday. I'm a parole officer. Behave yourselves.
1. Angie Harmon: Not my best shot but she was a natural!! #unconditionallove #puppylove #puppybreath #RizzoliandIsles #TNT #love
(Click HERE for the image!)

May 29
1. Angie Harmon: Double rizzolis save the day! #RizzoliandIsles #TNT season 4 people!!!
(Click HERE for the image!)

May 25
4. OLV: Rizzoli & Isles is filming around 12th St and San Julian St in Los Angeles tomorrow
3. Jessica Crocker: and we're in! empty old film vault. @ Paramount Studios

2. Jessica Crocker: "Another day at the office" @ Paramount Studios

1. Jessica Brooks Photo: 3rd day shooting for Rizzoli & Isles this's been great!

May 24
3. Lauren Dantonio: Such a wonderful day with the beautiful sharonelawrence ❤ thank you so much!

2. Kristen Dantonio: On set of Rizzoli & Isles at Paramount Studios!!!!!
[Click HERE for Kristen's Vine!]
1. Kristen Dantonio: Met actress Sasha Alexander on set of Rizzoli & Isles! Such a huge fan!

May 21
2. Jessica Brooks Photo: Shooting a BIG day for Rizzoli & Isles today! Here we go....!
1. Inside TVI Actors Studio: Congratulations to TVI Kids Member AJ Achinger.
AJ took our Youth Summer and recently shot an episode of TNT’s Rizzoli & Isles.
Dreams really do come true!

May 18
1. Lacy Fisher, actress: Got my shoot dates for Rizzoli&Isles!! I'll be seeing y'all on the other side very soon;) Woo hoo!!! Fist pump for perseverance!!

May 17
1. Ian Duncan, actor: Just booked an episode of Rizzoli and Isles! I'll take it thank you very much.

May 16
1. Mark Bautista, Angie Harmon's personal makeup artist:

May 10
4. Janet Tamaro, showrunner: You guys are fun to talk to--all I've been doing is making Season 4. Good to know you're out there +'ll be worth the wait.
3. Laura Niemi, actress: GREAT time working on @RizzoliIslesTNT this past week! Shout out to @JanetTamaro & @GaryZuckerbrod xoxo Yup, this is gonna be a goodun!
2. Laura Owen, Angie Harmon's double: Pink #princess day on set! @ Paramount Studios

1. Sasha Alexander: It's princess day on the set of R&I!!

May 9
3. Go for Location: 'Rizzoli & Isles' filmed at the Port of Los Angeles last week at a Water Taxi Co & Yacht Club. Episode 4.08

2. Go for Location: 'Rizzoli & Isles' this current season has not filmed off Paramount Studios Lot much thus far..highlights being Church & Warehouse for Ep 4.5
1. Stan Kirsch Studios: Congrats to Laura Niemi who booked a Guest Star role on RIZZOLI & ISLES!!!

May 7
1. Jessica Brooks Photo: Day 3 shooting for Rizzoli & Isles this week :)

May 6
1. Jessica Brooks Photo: Up early shooting on location for Rizzoli & Isles

May 5
1. OLV: Rizzoli & Isles is filming around Miner St and 22nd St in San Pedro, CA (Marina) tomorrow

May 2
2. Laura Owen, Angie Harmon's double: Screen capture on set today #photodoubling :). @ Paramount Studios

1. Laura Owen, Angie Harmon's double: Photo doubling day ;) #setlife #rizzoliandisles @ Paramount Studios

May 1
1. David Gray, actor and acting teacher: So glad to be working on rizzoli and isles for the next couple weeks, with my old friend @Angie_Harmon.

April 30
1. Amaury Nolasco, actor: Another day at the office with this amazing gang!

April 29
3. Angie Harmon: Ooooooh, Jane's in TROUBLE! #rizzoliandisles #hubbahubba #caseyjones #raphaelmartinez

2. Leah Bateman, actress: Wrapped! So fun working with such amazing people on Rizzoli & Isles the last couple of weeks! #ThankYou#God
1. Piper Curda, actress: Wrapped shooting on @RizzoliIslesTNT! Thanks to casting, production, and the rest of the cast. Everyone was so fun to work with! #blessed

April 26
1. Alexis Raich: So sad to be wrapped on @RizzoliIslesTNT such an amazing experience. Absolutely adored the cast and crew. Thank you for an amazing time.

April 25
2. Tina Huang: Back with the awesome ladies of #R&I
1. Jessica Brooks Photo: Shooting Rizzoli & Isles for TNT today at Paramount Studios

April 24
3. Angie Harmon: Back to work tomorrow! Thank u all 4 your thoughts & prayers! #RizzoliandIsles #TNT #tookwalking4granted

2. Stan Kirsch Studios: Congrats to Dyana Liu who booked a Guest Star on RIZZOLI AND ISLES!!
1. Alexis Raich, actress: Nothing more relaxing than learning lines. Can't wait to resume filming on Rizzoli and Isles next week.

April 15
2. Justice & Ponder: Okay fans, our client @TinaHuang returns as "Susie Chang" for Episode 7 of this season on #RizzoliandIsles ...the deal is closed!
1. Jessica Brooks Photo: Shooting for Rizzoli & Isles today! Great to be back

April 12
1. Kabookit: ALEXIS RAICH
Booked: RIZZOLI & ISLES Episode #407
Role: Samantha Cole
Represented By: The Arlook Group
Casting Director: Gary Zuckerbrod

April 10
1. Robert Wright: Haha my Ford Taurus is now a TV star. They booked the use of it in a scene on Rizzoli and Isles. I guess my car looked better than me today. Lololol

April 9
2. Janet Tamaro: We wrap...hmmm...we wrap...end of summer/beginning of fall. Ish.
1. Janet Tamaro, showrunner: Season 4: like a treadmill with a steep incline set at a high speed. But man do you get in shape! Pushing the pace. Think you will love.

April 8
3. Jessica Crocker: Another day @ the office, easy job with this beauty! @Lorraine_Bracco

2. Laura Owen, Angie Harmon's double: Serious business playing "A CAMERA" on set today :) @ Paramount Studios

1. Brandy Harris, actress: On set at the studio of TNT's Tv show "Rizzoli & Isles" *All smiles & intellectual conversations* :)

April 7
1. Brandy Harris, actress: Filming on set tomorrow morning of TNT TV show "Rizzoli & Isles" :)

April 5
1. Harrison White, actor: My day so far on RIZZOLI & ISLES only @SashaAlexander1 today, hopefully @Angie_Harmon next week. Pic as promised

April 4
5. Sasha Alexander: Our script supervisor Mary and I rocking it on set tonight in our Easter egg colors!
(Click HERE for the image!)
4. Laura Owen: View from the backlot :) @ New York Street Backlot: Paramount Studios

3. Laura Owen, Angie Harmon's double: Clever ways to get sound on set :) @ New York Street Backlot: Paramount Studios

2. Rebecca Corry: She's not wearing pants and had a giant boooooosh. Can you guess who it is @DrPhil @SashaAlexander1?

1. Rebecca Corry, actress: Shits bout to get real with @Angie_Harmon

April 3
4. Alex Hernandez: Saw them shooting #rizzoliandisles today by the dodger stadium . Never seen this show

3. Rebecca Corry: 3 hairy ladies and a crime on @RizzoliIslesTNT. #fun

2. Jessica Crocker: @Lorraine_Bracco @momo71 yesterday at the office taking ourselves very seriously. ;)

1. Wil Traval, actor: Heading out to my first day on set of Rizzoli and Isles #hellyeah

April 2
4. Angie Harmon: Back to the grind!

3. Wil Traval, actor: Trying on costumes for an upcoming episode of #RizzoliIslesTNT
2. Rebecca Corry: Just two ladies being ladies at @RizzoliIslesTNT with @SashaAlexander1 #shoulderstrength

1. Rebecca Corry, actress: Day 1 @RizzoliIslesTNT #gueststar

April 1
1. Harrison White, actor: 2day 1st day on RIZZOLI & ISLES @ Paramount Studio

March 27
3. Janet Tamaro, showrunner: It'll have to be BTS Thurs. Cast/crew off for spring break. Writers are all working...My bad. Still at office. I can show u my keyboard...
2. Clear Talent Group: Congrats to @CTGNYLA Theatrical client @BordeauxAndrea1 for booking a Guest Star on @RizzoliIslesTNT!
1. Kabookit: CARLOS AYALA
Booked: RIZZOLI AND ISLES Episode #405
Role: Sal Perez
Represented By: Nancy Chaidez Agency
Casting Director: Gary Zuckerbrod

March 26
1. Kabookit: RANDY GORDON
Booked: RIZZOLI AND ISLES Episode #406 "Somebody's Watching Me"
Role: Jogger
Casting Director: Gary Zuckerbrod

March 23
2. Norman Buckley, director: #RizzoliAndIsles and #PLL are indeed Hitchcockian--a blend of murder, humor, pathos. I'm able to indulge my love of suspense on these shows.
1. Norman Buckley, director: I loved working on #RizzoliAndIsles because I got to indulge my inner HItchcock, shooting a very stylized murder scene.

March 22
4. Norman Buckley, director: First team. Last scene in this episode with Bruce and Lorraine.

3. Norman Buckley, director: Second team theatre.

2. Norman Buckley, director: Second team theatre.

1. Norman Buckley, director: My last day on #RizzoliAndIsles, then after lunch over to Warner Bros to begin prep on #PLL 403 and 404!

March 21
4. Norman Buckley: Two of my favorite people: my wonderful AD Jen Reiss and the lovely @Lorraine_Bracco.

3. Norman Buckley, director: On her last scene of my episode @SashaAlexander1 prepares. Or maybe she’s on twitter. Who knows?

2. Norman Buckley, director: Thursday morning second-team theatre.

1. Norman Buckley, director: Shooting today on stage 4.

March 20
2. Janet Tamaro, showrunner: It's BTS Wed. :-)

1. Angie Harmon: #family

March 19
4. Norman Buckley, director: Shooting with Baby TJ and Angie Harmon on #RizzoliAndIsles. The baby is method. He only responds in character.

3. Colin Egglesfield: Tommy Rizzoli and Joe Friday shooting on a Tuesday #rizzoliandisles #kibblesandbits

2. Norman Buckley, director: On today's #RizzoliAndIsles set.

1. Colin Egglesfield: With the superfly Darryl Alan Reed on the set of #RizzoliandIsles. #fakerolexes

March 18
3. Norman Buckley, director: Another great day on #RizzoliAndIsles.

2. Ana VillafaƱe, actress: Great week, and that's a wrap! Had a blast with @norbuck @SashaAlexander1 @Angie_Harmon & crew on @RizzoliIslesTNT. Stay tuned for deets..
1. Norman Buckley, director: Photo: Second team theatre.

March 15
6. Sasha Alexander: Had a great time getting to meet all the teen advisors from @GirlUp today! So much fun!
(Click HERE for the image!)
5. Girl Up: Guess who came to hang out with our Girl Up Teen Advisors?? @SashaAlexander1! #rizzoliandisles

4. Girl Up: GU Teen Advisors on Stage 4 with the amazing @Angie_Harmon of #rizzoliandisles! Thanks for spending time with us

3. Norman Buckley, director: Thanks to @Angie_Harmon and @SashaAlexander1 and the rest of this incredible #RizzoliAndIsles cast and crew for a great week! Love you guys!

2. Laura Owen: Yay :). #gifts! @ Paramount Studios

1. Laura Owen, Angie Harmon's double: Grey skies over #paramount

March 14
5. Norman Buckley: Me, Sasha, and Jen.

4. Norman Buckley, actor: Sharon Cingle, script supervisor, writer, photographer, confidante --and me.

3. Carlos Ayala, actor: Some of the #Cast from #Rizzoli & Isles from 2days shoot,I'm not playing a gangster this time, I'm actually a Landscaper/Gardener Ha!! All good tho. I'm just thankful & blessed.

2. Juliette Reiss, actress: Photoshoot: Rizzoli & Isles (@ Precious Blood Catholic Church)
1. Carlos Ayala, actor: Getting my #MakeUp done , not cause I want to, it's part of the process. #Acting #Actor #Rizzoli&Isles on #TNT

March 13
8. Colin Egglesfield: With sashaalexander1, @AmgieHarmon, jordan_bridges, and my beautiful TV momma @Lorraine_Bracco today.…

7. Norman Buckley: Back on #RizzoliAndIsles with the beautiful, talented stars of the show. So glad to be back with this great cast and crew!

6. Janet Tamaro: Hey, kids. It's BTS Wed. Look what we're doing at the R&I Factory -- cutting the season opener.. WOOOHOOOO .

5. Nicki Schultz: Time to atone for all of my sins...

4. Norman Buckley: Photo: Shooting with three cameras today. Hard to keep track. #RizzoliAndIsles

3. Colin Egglesfield: Alex Holden and I on the set of #Rizzoli&Isles #zoolander

2. Norman Buckley, director: Photo: First day of shooting on #rizzoliandisles. With @lorraine_bracco.

1. Jessica Brooks Photo: On location shooting for Rizzoli & Isles today. Great weather for a shoot!

March 12
1. Janet Tamaro: Tattle Tuesday: Bass comes BAAAACCKKK along with Jo Friday. Put that in your remote and press it. :-)

March 11
3. Norman Buckley, director: Tech scout.

2. Norman Buckley, director: R&I also always have these tea-cakes that I find irresistible.
1. Jessica Brooks Photo: Shooting for Rizzoli & Isles today. #goodtobeback

March 8
2. Sasha Alexander: Downtime in between shots with the lovely and talented @Angie_Harmon!
(Click HERE for the image!)
1. Laura Owen, Angie Harmon's double: Shout out to First Team Jabari Simba, aka "Sticky Sweets"! Congrats on you're role today... Knock em dead, Officer Jenkins! #rizzoliandisles #cast #standin #dreamscometrue

March 7
1. OLV: Recent fan photos from the sets of Dexter, Castle, 90210 & Rizzoli & Isles in Los Angeles

March 6
1. Laura Owen, Angie Harmon's double: #view of #Paramount studios after a good days' work :) @ Paramount Studios

March 5
2. Norman Buckley, director: Location scout.

1. Janet Tamaro: It's Twitter a Secret Tuesday...Maura has a yoga room...

March 4
2. Norman Buckley, director: Excited to be back at #RizzoliAndIsles, directing episode 405. And @CEgglesfield will be in this episode too. I think he's stalking me.
1. Norman Buckley, director: I am proud of myself. I actually made it to the gym this morning, and now I begin my official prep on #RizzoliAndIsles.

March 1
2. maura-mills @ Tumblr: Sasha Alexander on set.

(Click HERE for more!)

1. Sasha Alexander: Look at the cans on those two! @Lee_T_Young #pleasesaywrap #rizzoli&islestnt
(Click HERE for the image!)

February 28
1. OLV: Rizzoli & Isles is filming at 343 N Bronson Ave, Los Angeles (4:00 PM - 12:00 AM) tomorrow

February 27
3. Janet Tamaro: Whoooo...what's going on at the R&I Factory?? Guess. Here's where we're setting up.

2. Sasha Alexander: Late night on set...but we have some great things coming your way in season 4! I can't wait for you all to see it!!!
1. Go for Location: 'RIZZOLI AND ISLES' will be filming at a home in Hancock Park Friday. Episode 4.4 .

February 25
3. Janee Trotman, actress: Playing a female prisoner on Rizzoli and Isles. Fun times! (@ Paramount Studios)
2. Amazon Beard, actress: In costume on Rizzoli & Isles..

1. Amazon Beard, actress: I'm working on Rizzoli and Isles's today..

February 23
5. Janet Tamaro: Can't show you or I'd have to kill myself, but one gorgeous photo shoot of our two girls for Season 4 today. @Angie_Harmon @SashaAlexander1
4. Sasha Alexander: In the lap of the amazingly talented photographer #jameswhite. He shot our new r&i campaign! Love!! #tntrizzoli&isles
(Click HERE for the image!)
3. LORAC Cosmetics: On set today with the gorgeous @sashaalexander1! Xo Carol

2. Sasha Alexander: Happy Saturday everyone! I'm having a great time with @Angie_Harmon...we are shooting the #rizzoliandisles season 4 promos today!
(Click HERE for the image!)
1. Angie Harmon: Shooting #RizzoliandIsles season 4 campaign today... Super great concept! Ur gonna ❤ it!!

February 21
4. Janet Tamaro: Sorry. I remembered it was BTS Wed. at 12:00 am.! Good news: U will love S4. Bad news: I forgot.
3. Janet Tamaro: 20 lashes with a wet keyboard. I FORGOT BTS Wed!!! Got hung up writing 404 (new fave). Tomorrow is BTS Bonus Round Friday. Swear.
2. Jessica Brooks Photo: Just got the most amazing compliment from the director and my producer of Rizzoli & Isles. They love what I shot yesterday and can't wait for tomorrow's big shoot!
1. Nicole Steinwedell, actress: Hair and makeup trailer: girl gossip central.."That your real hair or are you wearing white girl tracks?!" #Rizzoli+Isles

February 20
6. Monica Castellanos: G'night Stage 4.

5. Sasha Alexander: This guy was waiting for @Angie_Harmon and i after work. #funnycreeper
(Click HERE for the image!)
4. Sasha Alexander: An amazing day of work with @Angie_Harmon and the gang at R&I. Season 4 is off to a great start!
3. Monica Castellanos: Today's Braccoism: "I'm not an (in)control freak am I??" @Lorraine_Bracco #Braccoism
2. Jessica Brooks Photo: Such a gorgeous day in LA to be shooting for Rizzoli & Isles. #lovemyjob
1. Sasha Alexander: Good morning! Beautiful day in la!

February 19
2. Laura Owen, Angie Harmon's double: Meet my bud Fred, the African tortuous :) #rizzoliandisles #pets @ Paramount Studios

1. Monica Castellanos: Today's Braccoism: "Shine on, shine off." @Lorraine_Bracco #Braccoism

February 15
4. Tanya Chisholm, actress: On my 2nd set for the day! Shooting an episode of Rizzoli and Isles!!! So excited..... And SO exhausted!
3. Angie Harmon: & THAT ends another epic week @ #RizzoliandIsles ! Whew!! Y'all r going to LOVE season 4!!

2. Laura Owen, Angie Harmon's double: Angie doubling day :). @ Paramount Studios

1. Shenita Moore: Had a blast w/the #rizzoliandisles cast & crew! @angie_harmon, @sashaalexander1, & @sharonlawrence are amazing ladies, inside and out! :D...

February 14
5. Sasha Alexander: Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I'm stuck working still, but I hope you all had a great day with the one's you love! xo
4. Janet Tamaro: Happy Valentine's Day from your friendly R&I factory. Here's how we're spending our evening.:-)

3. Laura Owen: Another #HappyValentinesDay pic from #rizzoliandisles ! Xoxo @ Paramount Studios

2. Laura Owen, Angie Harmon's double: Happy Valentine's Day!! #rizzoliandisles @Angie_Harmon @ Paramount Studios

1. Open Hollywood: Rizzoli & Isles. Ext. Day. Street Scene.

February 13
5. Nicki Schultz: Wrapped at 1am on a Wednesday... That doesn't bode well for Thursday and Friday. Wish us luck. Sleepy time...
4. Angie Harmon: I would love to say "NIGHTTIME" But I'm still @ work.
3. Mark Bautista, Angie Harmon's personal makeup artist: I miss #SOUTHLAND TONIGHT!!! Still on set of Rizzoli so sleepy still one more seen Togo $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and $
2. Justice & Ponder: how nice! they ARE keeping those episodes coming... @TinaHuang just booked episode 3 of the season on #RizzoliAndIsles !
1. Janet Tamaro: It's BTS Wed. You didn't think I forgot, did you???

February 12
9. Angie Harmon: After spending the day freezing in the water & then slamming into/under a dumpster, I'm completely comfortable saying NIGHTTIME!
8. Chelsea Rendon: Just wrapped for #Rizzoli&Isles cast&crew were so great! Had an amazing time on set! Love it! #lifeofanactress #Blessed
7. OLV: Rizzoli & Isles is filming at 6001 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles tomorrow
6. Skylar Arment: Casting just calls me. Want me and my blue Camaro for an episode of Rizzoli and isles. Bad timing! Aaarrrrrgggghhhhh!!!!!
5. Chelsea Rendon, actress: On set of Rizzoli&Isles! Call me Yolanda!

4. Sasha Alexander: Another day in paradise. #shootingrizzoli&isles
(Click HERE for the image!)
3. Angie Harmon:

2. Laura Owen, Angie Harmon's double: Filming in San Pedro on the beach today.. And it's Freezing!!! Brrrr ! @ Cabrillo Beach - San Pedro

1. Jessica Brooks Photo: Today's office while shooting for Rizzoli & Isles

February 11
1. Janet Tamaro: Here's some news from the factory: going a bit darker this season. Can you say, Paddy Doyle??

February 10
1. Sasha Alexander: Goodnight everyone...Up at 5am for work tomorrow at R&I!

February 8
2. Laura Owen, Angie Harmon's double: On set w/ @jabarisimba - 4th season love :). #rizzoliandisles
1. Brooklyn Mclinn, actor: Brooklyn and Angie Harmon.. "Rizzoli and Isles"

February 7
2. Amaury Nolasco, actor: 1st day of shooting with the both amazing and lovely Angie Harmon & Sasha Alexander #blessed #TNT

1. Laurel Ripley: Just another day on set. Season 4 @rizzoliandisles Begins. @tntweknowdrama With @Angie_Harmon and @SashaAlexander1

February 6

4. Janet Tamaro: It's "B.T.S." Wednesday...look what's going on at the factory.

3. Chelsea Rendon, actress: Gonna be working on TNTs Rizzoli&Isles! Super excited! Filming next week! Can't wait to get on set! #actress #blessed
Booked: RIZZOLI & ISLES Episode #402
Role: Shandra Lewis
1. Norman Buckley, director: For those asking: yes, I go back to #PLL in April, right after #RizzoliandIsles.

February 5
7. Janet Tamaro: So sorry to be a tweet free person! It's just that it's MOOORRREE WRITING. Drowning in words...403 is on it's way to bed...404, 405, 406..
6. Amy Ergle, production assistant: OH and must not forget to mention my close proximately with @SashaAlexander1 and @Angie_Harmon today! So tiny and beautiful in person. :) ha
5. Shenita Moore, actress: BOOKED the TNT Drama Rizzoli & Isles today! Thanks for the continued prayers everyone!! :D...
4. Rielly Peene: Long day on set... #Rizzoli&Isles #ParamountStudios
3. "Tara": Inside one of the buildings on set. Tv magic y'all.

2. Monica Castellanos: Hey @darrencriss, your birthday plane keeps ruining our shot ;) Happy Birthday!

1. Jessica Brooks Photo: Rizzoli & Isles shoot at Paramount today

February 4
9. Rielly Peene: Workin on some show called Rizzoli & Isles tomorrow #UpAt6InTheMorning #ParamountStudios
8. Justice & Ponder: sweet, keep 'em coming please! our client @TinaHuang just closed episode two for the season on Rizzoli & Isles!
7. "Tara": have to call back after 8 but pretty sure i just booked a gig as an extra on rizzoli and isles so wh00t wh00t. i have work tomorrow.
6. Mark Kaiserman: Paramount tour over. Only celebs seen were fleeting of Elisha Cuthbert and Angie Harmon. #ParamountTweet
5. Mark Kaiserman: Subway removed. Lights changed. NYC set turned into Boston for Rizzoli and Isles shooting. #ParamountTweet
4. Angie Harmon: So sorry no "Daytime!" this morning... I felt 4:30 am was too early & flat out torturous.
3. Tina Huang: My goodness! What a lovely surprise this morning!my own chair!

2. Nicki Schultz: Up and at 'em! Well actually, I've been up since 4am and at 'em, what about you?
1. Tina Huang: Up and at work before the sun.

February 3
1. Sasha Alexander: Have to wake at 4:45am! That's not funny.

February 2
1. Angie Harmon: Late night shenanigans

February 1
9. Janet Tamaro: Yes, why the motorcycle? Some new developments over here at BPD...
8. Janet Tamaro: And finally...

7. Janet Tamaro: How about this one? Hint: who doesn't love craft projects when you're stressed about work?

6. Janet Tamaro: Okay, try again. Better photo this time...

5. Janet Tamaro: This one's easy.

4. Janet Tamaro: I sent each regular some welcome back flowers. Look carefully. Bet you can guess who these were for.

3. Janet Tamaro: Here's what parts of Paramount backlot look like now...yep. We're still at it.

2. Tom Morash, lighting console programmer: Movie magic

1. Jessica Brooks Photo: I'm pooped from my 13 hour shoot on Rizzoli & Isles yesterday

January 31
2. Fahim Anwar, actor: shooting rizzoli & isles today and all the hair lady did was pick out my fro with her hands.
1. Jessica Brooks Photo: Shooting for Rizzoli & Isles on a beautiful Los Angeles day at Paramount Studios

January 30
4. Sasha Alexander: Make a wish @nickiraegeous!! #wholovescarrotcake

3. Fahim Anwar, actor: Hollywood is letting me act again. Booked a guest star on TNT's Rizzoli & Isles. Let's just say I get interrogated by Rizzoli and/or Isles.
2. Laura Owen, Angie Harmon's double: #rizzoliandisles doubling day

1. Jessica Brooks Photo: And so it begins....shooting season 4 of Rizzoli & Isles!

January 29
2. Jessica Brooks Photo: Prepping gear for tomorrow's shoot for Rizzoli & Isles
1. Nicki Schultz: As one out of four people in a small room right now, I am the only one not napping… why?!?!?! #workbeckons :)

January 28
3. Sasha Alexander: Back at it! Thank you ladies, these are gorg!!
(Click HERE for the image!)
2. Nicki Schultz: Back at it with all my pals at R&I!!! It's like we never left!
1. Tina Huang: Yay!

January 27
2. Nicki Schultz: Goodnight all! Big day tomorrow, first day of shooting for R&I Season 4! #earlywakeup
1. Sasha Alexander: Tomorrow's a big day...back to work! Bring it #rizzoliandisles season 4!

January 26
1. Jordan Bridges: Putting on my Frankie shoes and getting ready to report for duty...:)

January 25
4. Janet Tamaro: Phenomenal Welcome Home, Beloved CAST and Crew Party! A true Authentic Connection Fest. Happy to get to do it together again. SEASON 4!!
3. Jessica Brooks Photo: Partying with the Rizzoli & Isles kick off to season 4 party at The Parlor
2. Pierre Butiu: Rizzoli & Isles Season 4 Welcome Back Bash. #MugShotsPhotoBooths doing work w/ @djitchyboti #theParlor #Melrose #LA

1. Nicki Schultz: Off to the R&I welcome back party now! So excited to hang out with everyone and see all the familiar faces!

January 24
1. Nicki Schultz: So nice to see all my old R&I family in preparations for going back to shooting next week. Such a great group of peeps!

January 22
1. Janet Tamaro: Cast comes back on Friday. Yipppeeee-yaah-hooey!! Good it really Season 4??

January 18
2. Janet Tamaro: Long, good day. My crew is returning. It's like meeting up with your buddies at the beginning of your 4th summer at your favorite camp.
1. Sam Lembeck: First production meeting on Season 4 of #rizzoliandisles

January 16
1. Janet Tamaro: For all you R&I insomniacs: I just wrote "Fade to Black" for 401. Title? "We Are Family." Don't complain! I want you to be surprised. :-)

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