Tuesday, July 16, 2013

"Rizzoli & Isles" is BuddyTV's 10th most engaged TV show! (& what that means...)

Via BuddyTV:

Last week, TNT's novel-inspired Rizzoli & Isles made its first appearance on the list of top-ten most-engaged shows on TV.
And here's BuddyTV's explanation of what that really means:
If we're really honest with ourselves, we aren't 100% engaged with every single show we watch. So even if a show has huge numbers, what good is it if everyone is only half-watching?

Therefore, for our summary of the most popular TV shows, we decided volume measurements by themselves were out. Measuring only the number of TV's tuned to a certain show was far too loose to indicate a good TV show. We had to turn elsewhere.

For that we turned to the TV show check-in data from our users of BuddyTV Guide - real people telling us what they watch and when.

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