Thursday, May 16, 2013

Roundup post: Angie Harmon & Sasha Alexander at the 2013 TNT/TBS upfront!

Angie Harmon, Sasha Alexander and the stars of other TNT and TBS shows came together for the Turner Broadcasting upfront on May 15, 2013, at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City. Photos and more are below!

Credit: Christina Hunter & Kristen Chiarello

Credit: 3doorsfan

Credit: Deana, Deana

Credit: Elisa Schneider & Samantha Bonilla

Credit: Kristen Chiarello

Credit: Jim Halterman & D.L. Hughley

Credit: Angie Harmon, Angie Harmon

Credit: Eric McCormack

For more photos of Angie, check out WireImage, Startraks, Got Celeb and AP Images.
Here's a video of Angie signing outside Del Posto, where the post-upfront lunch was held.

For more photos of Sasha, check out WireImage and Startraks.

Last but not least, a series of tweets from actor Michael Ian Black:
2. A legitimately confusing lack of interest from people regarding the fact that I touched Angie Harmon's hair.
3. The other important part of me touching Angie Harmon's hair is I only did it so I could tweet about it and you f***ers don't even care!
4. It's just I try and I try and I put up with A LOT and then when I do something REALLY important (touching Angie Harmon's hair) I get NOTHING

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