Thursday, March 22, 2012

Angie Harmon to team up with Abolish Cancer!

From Abolish Cancer:

Josh Wolf, Sarah Colonna, Fran Drescher, Chris Franjola, Loni Love, Leah Remini, Jenny Johnson, Dan Levy, Angie Harmon, Eddie Ifft, John Caparulo, Ms. Pat, Tom Mabe, Thomas Attila Lewis, Angie Frissore, Trent Gillaspie, Jen Murphy, Maxim, Stacey Prussman, Pej Vahdat, Nicole Travolta, Dina Manzo & more…… will join us to help find bone marrow donors.

On April 1st, a day traditionally known for jokes and pranks, @abolishcancer is teaming up with comedians, HELP, DKMS, and 100K CHEEKS on April Fools Day to help raise awareness in the need for bone marrow donors. Through a uniquely created campaign, comedians will encourage individuals through their social media channels to register to become bone marrow donors for the thousands of individuals in need of a bone marrow transplant who can not find a match.

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