Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Video: Angie Harmon on "CBS Atlanta"!

From CBS Atlanta:
CBS Atlanta's new "Fit Kids, Fit Families" campaign is all about fighting the growing childhood obesity epidemic that's threatening the health of hundreds of thousands of kids in Georgia.

It's something that's also close to the heart of actress Angie Harmon. The star of hit TV shows like Rizzoli and Isles and Law & Order talked to CBSAtlanta.com's Sarah Scanlan this week about the ways she teaches her kids about staying healthy now, while they're still young.

Harmon is mom to three active girls. "We have one that wants to play soccer and one that likes ballet," said Harmon.

Besides keeping them active, teaching children about nutrition is part of the puzzle.

Harmon says even though her daughters are young (8, 6, and 3) she's already encouraging them to get involved in making meals. Tasks like stirring, cracking eggs and washing veggies are perfect for little hands.

"I've found that they're more invested in the dinner. They're more informed with what they're eating. You know I'm trying to teach my girls to eat healthy vegetables, proteins, things like that. And they just really, really have a fantastic time," says Harmon.

The actress is also involved in a contest called Ben's Beginners sponsored by Uncle Ben's rice that encourages and empowers parents to get their kids into the kitchen with them.

The grand prize is $20,000 as well as a $50,000 makeover for the cafeteria at your child's school.

Watch the full interview HERE!
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