Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Starry Constellation interviews Lee Thompson Young!

From Starry Constellation Magazine:
Q. What can you tell us is new this season on "Rizzoli & Isles" and with your character?

A. This season I think in general we're just building on what we did last year that worked well with new characters in the world of Boston. Also Angie and Sasha and their relationship and filling in the ensemble around them. As the other characters are filled in we're getting more backstory for me and where I came from. It's really fun for me to explore that for that character.

Q. Are there any plans to flesh out your character so we'll get to learn more about his background?

A. I don't want to give away any surprises, but there is definitely stuff about how he grew up and his background. Just the history of him and his life and what made him the man that he is.

Q. Where do you continue to draw from for your portrayal?

A. A lot of it is definitely in conversation with the writers, I'm definitely in conversation with the writers constantly, and them kind of giving me directions. A lot of stuff we don't even know because they haven't written it, so it became a mixture early on of what was in the books about the character and my personal research with the Boston Homicide Unit and what they showed me. Then there is also a lot of my own creativity and as the season goes on and more comes out about his history incorporating that into the direction we had going. I go back and forth with the writers and our technical advisor who was a cop in Boston for thirty years and a Homicide detective for twelve years with his input and also there is always the process of making the character with drawing on your own experiences to make it real. For me I draw on my own personal experience to make a deeper connection. The specifics often come from the show, the writing, and the setting and then really connecting to it and fulfilling the character and making it come alive.

Q. Was there instant cast chemistry working with Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander?

A. It's funny, there was chemistry between the whole cast and I hope that it is reflected in the first season. I would say though that in the second season that chemistry has gone to a new level because now we know each other even better then before and we're more comfortable with each other's working style. What we had that was really good going on in the first season I would say has gone to a whole new level; it's taken off.

Q. Do you have a really memorable moment from filming the show?

A. I don't want to tell you guys the good story points because it will ruin it when you watch it, we're only on episode two right now, so I don't even know where they are going to take us through the end of the season. Personally I can say that I always enjoy the chance to kick down a good door or tackle a bad guy. So there is a little bit of that in the first few episodes.

Q. Can you talk about any upcoming guest stars we'll be getting to see on the show?

A. We always have really solid actors playing those characters that come in each week with dealing with the loss of a loved one and they give some great performances. I don't know if there is anyone that you would necessarily recognize, but they are very talented people.

Q. What do you think it is about the show that has drawn in so many viewers?

A. I think it must be because they enjoy watching all of the characters, I mean definitely Angie and Sasha are extremely talented, and I mean for me as an actor watching those two play off of each other is always a delight. I would guess that for the people at home it's the same thing seeing those two play off of each other and the chemistry that they have. Also giving a different spin on the murder mystery with the two of them as the leads, it's a fresh look at it. Maybe it's a combination of that, with the different take on the murder mystery world and the skill of Angie and Sasha.

Q. Sasha and Angie are both on Twitter and are actively involved in social media, any chance we'll be getting to see you join in as well?

A. Definitely, I am trying to get that worked out, I would love to interact with my fans and for all of the people who like my work. I was always behind the curve with Facebook and Twitter and all of those things, I'm like the last guy to get involved and I still really haven't made that transition. Angie Harmon twitters a lot and she's been telling me how she does it and how she tweets and keeps people updated and I would love to get involved in that too. On the one hand we have the TNT website that lets everyone know what's going on with the show, but then it's also great for the people who really particularly like the actors to have access to them and know a little bit about their life and who they are outside of their characters. I am excited about getting involved with social media myself in hopefully the next few months.

Q. What would you like to say to your fans and supporters?

A. Number one thank you so much! I just always am so happy if I am walking down the street and someone says "Hey, I saw you in that show and I really enjoy it!" That means a lot because we do the work so people enjoy it and it's great to hear that. The number one thing I would say is thanks and the second thing is stay tuned because I am always trying to do more good work for people to enjoy.
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