Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Press release: Celebrity mom Angie Harmon helps shine spotlight on milk role modeling!

From the Role Modeling Health Legacy Summit press release:

A new ad featuring actress and two-time Milk Mustache celebrity Angie Harmon and her three daughters helps emphasize the important role a mom can have on her daughter's health and nutrition. The print copy reads:

Crowd-pleaser. My favorite fans always want to do what I'm doing. So when it comes to getting essential nutrients, I set the example by pouring one more serving of milk a day. One more for me. One more for them. There, everybody's happy.

"I'm so proud my family is a part of a campaign that promotes what a positive influence mom can play in her child's life," said Harmon. "A mom is most often the largest role model in her daughter's life and has tremendous power to influence their health and nutrition. Something as simple as watching mom drink a glass of lowfat milk can help influence her kids' beverage choices in a positive way."
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