Thursday, February 24, 2011

Article: Celebs who fought baby blues.

From Seattle Post-Intelligencer:
1. Gwyneth Paltrow
"I was confronted with one of the darkest and most painfully debilitating chapters of my life," following the birth of her son in 2006, Paltrow said in the letter.

2. Bryce Dallas Howard
Ron Howard's daughter Bryce had her first child at 25. She told the story her sob-filled depression during her first few months of motherhood in GOOP.

3. Brooke Shields
Shields has become the face of postpartum depression, and her story has made many American women more aware of the condition.

4. Marie Osmond
Osmond wrote about her severe postpartum depression in a book titled Behind the Smile, published in 2006.

5. Kendra Wilkinson
This season of her E! reality show follows her struggles to lose the baby weight and feel beautiful again.

6. Lisa Rinna
The soap opera star said she felt too ashamed to seek treatment for depression following the birth of her first child, but hormonal drugs helped her recover after her second.

7. Courteney Cox
Several months after her daughter was born, Cox began to feel the baby's effects on her sleep and mood, she said.

8. Britney Spears
Some suspect Spears rehab treatments are meant to address a range of conditions, including depression related to the birth of her sons.

9. Angie Harmon
Harmon, a former Law & Order regular, said she had postpartum depression after each of her three kids were born, and she wishes women would talk about it more openly.

10. Gena Lee Nolin
The former Baywatch star told Life & Style, "I couldn't figure out why I was so sad when I had this beautiful, healthy baby and a great job." Nolin ended up getting counseling and taking a low dose of antidepressants.
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