Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Is "Rizzoli & Isles" the next "Xena, Warrior Princess"?


I say yes. Maybe. But Rizzoli has some pretty big boots to fill.

OK, so Angie Harmon will probably never be doing scissor kicks and I doubt Sasha Alexander will ever be crowned Queen of the Amazons but just give me a minute. The two shows have a few things in common. One of them being a strong lesbian following. And since Xena left the air in 2001, TV hasn't been the same. The L Word did not count. The L Word was a soap opera. Xena was an action show about two friends who happen to be women and who might be lovers. Replace Xena's sword and chakram with a gun and a badge and it’s pretty damn close…if you squint a little. OK, maybe kind of close. Sexual tension, girl rescuing girl in peril, tongue in cheek innuendo. The potential is all there. And of course, Angie Harmon is no Lucy Lawless but who is? Besides, Angie recently declared on The Chelsea Handler Show that she loves the gays. That's something. Right?

Here are 5 reasons why Rizzoli & Isles might be the next Xena and Gabrielle.
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