Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Article: "Pretty is as pretty does."

A lovely article from back in December, courtesy of Celebrity Baby Scoop:
Law & Order star Angie Harmon is teaming up with Children's Advil to help launch 'Relieve My Fever.' The mother of three young girls - Finley Faith, 7, Avery Grace, 5½, and Emery Hope, 1 on Saturday - opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about this new campaign, sibling rivalry in the Harmon-Sehorn household, and their holiday plans.

"I don't think there has ever not been sibling rivalry," Angie says and adds that "the first two are only 18 months apart. It’s difficult for me to understand why they fight because I’m an only child but I’m teaching them to talk about their feelings and share what upsets them so hopefully they'll be able to have those qualities later in life for friends."

But there's still lots of laughter in their household.

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"They get out of the bathtub they all run through the house naked in order of birth," Angie laughs. "The baby just chases them as fast as she can and it is to die for!"

The 38-year-old Texas native says motherhood has kept her on her toes. "I’ve become a lot more productive with my time," Angie says, and adds, "My time has to be divided up precisely."

Angie says family always comes first. "I have a great number of friends and colleagues that truly value their family and put them first so I’m hoping the rest of the world exists on that plane." She goes on to share one of their favorite family mottos:

"Pretty is as pretty does," Angie tells their girls. "To be pretty on the outside, one must be pretty on the inside. Every person is just like you...they laugh and cry the same."

The busy mom-of-three says that their daughters will be allowed to wear heels and makeup "in their teens. We think that's realistic." And what about the possibility of the girls entering showbiz? "I can’t imagine saying no to their dream if that's what it is, but I will make them understand that it is a craft that deserves a lot of hard work," Angie says.

She goes on to tell us about their holiday plans.

"We have Christmas decorations going up the day after Thanksgiving," Angie says. "We decorate the girls' doors with whatever theme or holiday is in that month. For example, we'll cut out hearts in pink and red construction paper and tape them to their doors in February. Each month has a craft and theme."

Angie tells us about teaming up with Children's Advil to launch 'Relieve My Fever' - a contest that invites parents and their kids to sing the Children's Advil rendition of the classic song Fever for a chance to win $15,000.

"I decided to partner with Children’s Advil for the Relieve My Fever Contest because I think that it’s wonderful that they have teamed up with the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, which is an organization that helps millions of children each year," Angie says.

"This is a fun contest to do with your kids, if they are feeling bad, or even if they’re not feeling bad. You can go on the website, RelieveMyFever.com, perform your video and spend some good quality time with your kids," Angie explains. "Not only do you have a chance to win $15,000, but for every entry and vote at RelieveMyFever.com, Children’s Advil will donate money to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals."
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